Saturday, April 26, 2014

Food Truck Bazaar #2

You may remember our post about the Food Truck Bazaar from last year in November.
Well we went again and ended up trying 4 different trucks.

Rachel and I are huge fans of this event and 
we want to eventually try to make some of our favorite foods ourselves in a post to come.

Alright the first thing we ordered was from Saigon Sizzle.
I was in the mood for some Vietnamese food so I got the Chicken Vermicelli Noodle.
(Description on the truck)

I loved it, it was a little sweet and spicy. They used lots of cilantro just the way I like it.
Rachel also tried it and loved it. We will be trying to make a copycat recipe in the future.

Rachel was next to order her meal for the evening. She decided to go with a burger, but not just any burger...

Ragnarök the Viking Burger! From SwedeDISH Food Truck.

We both tasted this burger and are in agreement.
Odin himself must have gone to the chef to give him this recipe that only the gods would normally enjoy, in order to bring a smile to us lowly mortals.

So juicy, cheesy, and crunchy. This is by far the best burger we have ever had.
If you are in central Florida and happen to see this truck, STOP, eat here. It's amazing

As I am sure you remember we always get dessert at this event.
Normally we would get one and split it, but we just couldn't decide.

Rachel ended up going to The Crepe Company for an Eclair Crepe with added peanut butter.
She really liked it.
I got to taste it and I am never really impressed with crepes, to me it taste like a thin pancake with stuff inside, but don't go off my judgement I'm not a fan of them.

And finally the last food truck we went to was the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck.
We ordered the Midnight Snack, The Ballad of El Churro, The Dough Dough Bird, and The Nannerpants.
 I am a bit of a cake snob since I bake and decorate cakes myself and I have to say I was not impressed at all. Maybe we got a bad batch or something, but I didn't really like any of them, and neither did Rachel.
The Midnight Snack, Churro, and Dough Dough Bird were all super heavy and dense. A bit hard to swallow. The Nannerpants (Banana cake) tasted like artificial bananas. The only good thing we can say about them was their icing tasted good. Will not be buying cupcakes from them again. 

This is my small herd of kitties enjoying dinner.
From right to left we have Toby, Kit, Sate, Thorin, and Salina.
Thank you for reading this week, look forward to some copycat recipes in the future.

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