Saturday, November 16, 2013

Food Truck Bazaar!

Sorry for going so long without posting. My job takes up more a lot of my time and I have had a hard time balancing everything. This week we didn't cook anything but it is still a food related post!

Rachel and I are fortunate enough to live in a city that welcomes food trucks from all over Florida to come and sell their food here every once in a while.

It is called The Food Truck Bazaar and it all started in 2011. I didn't discover it until earlier this year.
But it's loads of fun and if you live in central Florida there is a good chance this event happens somewhere near you! Click here for more information about it and see if it comes to your city.

Now we wanted to try something from all the trucks, but seeing as we are only two people and there were like 15+ trucks there it is impossible!

So we each decided to try 3 trucks, 2 dinners and a dessert. We walked around looking at all the trucks and menus to see what we might like and then each ordered a meal and shared.

I decided to do something healthy so I went with The Treehouse Truck. I ordered the Nada Burger!

The Nada Burger was not really a burger XD but a grilled Portobello mushroom cap topped with goat cheese, arugula, tomato, and balsamic vinegar on a toasted bun.

I am not a fan of raw tomato so I did pick that off, but it was light and very satisfying. There was way too much bread for the mushroom so I got rid of the bottom bun. Rachel liked it although was not a fan of the vinegar or goat cheese, it was not what she was looking for that night.

Rachel walked around for a bit not sure what truck to order from until she came to The Dixieland Diner where she ordered shrimp and grits!

I am going to directly quote her for this one "Cheese grits were amazing and creamy. And I thought the shrimp would clash with the grits, but they tasted great together! I couldn't stop thinking about it for days after we went!!"
Needless to say she was in love.
She really didn't want to share... I had to remind her she had some of my burger.
I had to agree it was wonderful! I even liked the grilled cherry tomato!

Now last was Dessert, and Rachel demanded we go to Twisted Cuban for Churros!

We got 5 churros and all about a foot long.
They fried them, put them in a bag with plain white sugar, and shook it up.
Our only problem with these was they didn't put any cinnamon on them. Other than that they were wonderful.

If you live in the Central Florida area we both recommend you go to one of these events. Be prepared to spend about $10 per person though.

Thorin's favorite activity after our grocery shopping trips. Play in the pile of plastic bags! 

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Party

I meant to post this a few days before Halloween, sorry about that, but the good news is I just started a full- time job! I can be forgiven right?

Alright lets get started! Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love watching scary movies, eating candy, and most of all the costumes!

(Sate puts up with my homemade candy corn costume)

For our Halloween party we made lots of yummies!
I am not going to post all of the steps to making everything because there are so many. 
We found most off Pinterest so I will post the links to the original source for recipes!

To start off with we carved a pumpkin to throw up my guacamole.

(It looks like it's in pain XD)

(Helpful hint: When you cut the top mark the back so the lid fits every time)

It was gross looking, many guests had a problem eating it at first!
For my guacamole recipe click here.

(Best part of carving pumpkins is roasted seeds)

Our next treat is a Kraft recipe.
Oreo Truffles, the recipe can be found here.
We followed the recipe but used white chocolate for dipping.

I ran a toothpick with red food coloring through the freshly dipped truffle to give the affect of irritated eyes 

Color the the remaining chocolate what ever color you want the iris to be.

and then black food coloring for the pupil.

Scary eyeball truffle!

(these didn't last long)

The next recipe isn't really much of a recipe. You make deviled eggs the way you would normally make it.
We use Dill pickle relish, mustard, and mayo.
All you have to do with this is cut black olives in half and cut smaller slices for legs.
For the original picture click here

(Cute aren't they)

I would normally go overboard with decorating cakes and cupcakes, this year we went simple and even used cake mixes (I know terrible, but we had lots of stuff going on)
The icing is homemade and I will have to figure out exactly how much of everything I put into it.
I have always made icing just by eyeing it and by taste.
We will do a post on my icing once I figure it out.

Candy and caramel apples always find their way onto the party table.
These are the store bought mixes.

With the leftover red candy coating we also made blood-pops.

And these treats were made by the Lovely Vianne Chestnut. You can see her blog here.
These are rice crispy treats that look like raw meat! People were doing double takes with it!
For the recipe click here.

Now for the drinks!

First we have Shrunken' Head Cider.
The recipe can be found here.
It was warm, sweet, and I was told it was one of the creepiest things at the party! 

And last but not least the wonderful Candy Corn Punch!
Recipe can be found here.

I made these once before with Vianne Chestnut for one of our horror movie nights.
It takes a lot of time to prepare, but well worth it.
Her post about it can be found here.

Well that was a our party food. We the Pandas hope you had a wonderful and safe Halloween!

Our homemade costumes, Rachel a Dalmatian and I (Megan) a Voodoo Doll! 

Begging for a treat!

My puppies costumes, also homemade (wigs and all).

Here is an old lady kitty with a fake candle!