Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fail Cheesecake...

Alright I had a craving for Cheesecake... but not just any cheesecake... the one with the chocolate swirls!
I wanted it so bad, but I was not willing to fork out $15 for one at Publix.
So Rachel and I decided to try to make it at home! Why not make a blog post about it, what could go wrong?
Well I don't have a recipe of my own so I searched the interwebs for a simple recipe. I found this one
It seemed easy enough, I decided not to do the crust because some of the best cheesecakes I have had didn't have the crust.
2 packages room temp cream cheese (16 oz in all)
1 c powdered sugar
juice from half a lemon
zest from half a lemon
2 tsp vanilla extract
4 eggs separated
1/2 heavy cream

Now we may have gone wrong with the crust but it could have also been the fact that we used whole milk and not heavy cream. In fact I am 100 % sure that is where we went wrong. Anyways, you start off by beating the cream cheese for about a minute 


Then you add the yolks one at a time and beat in the cream until the mixture is smooth. Then  mix in the sugar lemon juice, zest, and vanilla extract. Mixture should be very fluffy and no clumps.

Next using an electric mixer mix the egg whites until white and form soft peaks.

Fold the egg white fluff into the cream cheese mixture.
Prepare a pan using Crisco or a non-stick baking spray.

Pour 3/4 of the mixture into the baking dish.

The remaining 1/4 keep in the mixing bowl and add about 4 tbsp of cocoa powder and mix.

Once it's mixed well, marble into the white cheese cake.

Once it is well marbled place into the oven at 350 for 40 mins.

When it is baked it will look like this!

Refrigerate over night or put in the freezer for about 2 hours if you are impatient like us.

While it actually tasted pretty good the texture was way off and that was my big problem with it.
Rachel's problem with it was the texture as well. We love the thick and yet fluffy creaminess of cheesecake and this was almost grainy. It just wasn't right. So we think it was the fact we used whole milk instead of cream. Try it and let us know if yours turns out better!

Here is a herd of kitties!
You're Welcome!


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  1. Cheesecake is the one thing I insist on doing by weight. Try finding a recipe that has weight measurements and see if that works a little bit better. Either way, it looks tasty!