Wednesday, March 12, 2014

French Onion Bread Soup

This week we found a recipe from a blog you can see here.
French onion soup, one of my favorites. If it is on the menu when I go out to eat, it is the one I get!
This is French Onion Bread Soup. So more bread than soup really, but still good

If the kitchen we are working in this week seems different, it's because it is!
We are working in Rachel's new kitchen this week!

Here is the ingredients you will need:
2 tablespoons Olive Oil
2 lbs onions
1 clove garlic (we used more like 4 tbsp minced)
1 teaspoon dried thyme (we used 2 teaspoon Italian seasoning)
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup dry white wine
2 cups beef broth
1/2 a baguette (we used some much cheaper Puerto Rican bread)
2 cups shredded gruyere or monterey jack cheese
(We used Monterey Jack)

Rule number 1 when cooking with wine, do not drink it all!
Just have a taste!
Start off by chopping all those onions.

Rachel said if we keep water running next to where we were chopping the onions 
wouldn't affect our eyes so much.
She didn't seem to have a problem, but my eyes were not happy!

After chopping the onions it came out to about 9 1/2 cups of onions 

In a soup pot add the oil and seasonings.

And the onions on top and saute on med-hi heat. 

Next we peeled the cheese...
We couldn't find the cheese grater, must have gotten lost in the move.
If you have a cheese grater use it, if not, work with what you have!

It is a mountain of peeled cheese!

after about 30 mins of sauteing the onions they should be caramelized.

add in the wine and put the rest away. Far, far away.
Cook with wine for 3 mins.

Rachel loved the smell

Nest stir in the broth, reduce heat to low and let simmer.

Now cut into cubes you choice of hard bread. Use half the loaf.

In oven safe bowl put in a small layer of bread cubes and cheese and add 1/4 of the onion mixture to each bowl.

Then top with remaining bread cubes and cheese.

Preheat oven to 450.

Once preheated place on baking sheet and bake until everything is golden and bubbly.
About 10 mins.

Finished product!

It tasted great, I think it needed more broth. Way too much bread too, but it was in the title of the food. Bread soup, I should have expected lots of bread.

Rachel liked the top layer, but the closer she got to the bottom she didn't like it as much.

Now Rachel's future Mother-in-Law Linda loved it!
She said it tasted like a savory bread pudding.

I think I will stick to normal French Onion soup, without so much bread.

As I sat here doing today's post, Thorin decided to perch himself on my shoulder.
Sometimes I wish he were a kitten again, his 10 lb body hurts me when he sits there for longer than 15 mins.

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