Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rachel's Favorite Cheese Ball

Megan here! This past week we celebrated my birth ^_^ 
For the party Rachel insisted we have a cheese ball she had at another party.
She and a friend nearly ate the whole thing by themselves.
She tracked down the person who made it just to get the recipe only to find out it was ineradicable simple.
3 Ingredients... That is all for this delicious appetizer.
1 8 oz package cream cheese softened
1 can corned beef
1/4 cup  green onion

(I keep green onions in water on my windowsill. I use what I need and they just keep growing!)

(Looks a bit gross but Rachel says it's finger lickin' good)

We mixed the corned beef and cream cheese together. You can use a spoon... Rachel did not!

And add the onion.

Mix it up again and refrigerate for a few hours until it is hard.

Form it into a ball, serve with crackers, and veggies. 

It was very good. About half of it got eaten at the party. 
Rachel happily took the rest home to eat herself!

I also wanted to share the awesome cupcakes my Sisters made for my birthday!
It was an ode to my childhood (All the cartoons I was obsessed with as a child... and as an adult)

We have a page on Facebook for our awesome cakes,

This week we have for you a different pair of pets.
This is Kit and Twi. Aren't they cute?

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