Monday, September 9, 2013

Carrot Fries!

So recently I have changed my diet because I am trying to get healthier. 
I no longer eat white bread, pasta, or rice, cut sugar out almost completely, gave up all soda including diet, and trying to limit processed food.
In taking on this new lifestyle of mine our posts will be changing a bit.
We will be making healthy (or healthier) food for our blog.
I would just like to thank my friend Rachel and husband David for their support in this.
Well as our first healthy post we made Carrot Fries!!!
Here is what you will need:
3-4 carrots
Parmesan cheese
garlic (minced)
salt and pepper
olive oil

To start off you need to cut your carrots into "fries" like you would potatoes.
Put them into a large bowl

Next drizzle some olive oil over them. About 2 tablespoons should be enough.
Add salt and pepper (to taste)

Mix it up good!

Next add your garlic (to taste) and Parmesan cheese (to taste)

 We like cheese a bit too much >_<

Spread them on a baking sheet. 
Bake at 450 for about 20 mins or until they are crispy enough to your liking.

Done! And they are yummy! 

We couldn't get them crispy enough to our liking. So we played with how we cut them.
We found that using a potato peeler we could get them super crispy when they baked.

Nice little snack for me ^_^

Thank you for reading!

Oh, here is a frustrated kitty that can't fit himself into his box!

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