Sunday, July 28, 2013

Steamed and Seasoned Artichoke

Megan here!
Just warning you this is a lot of work and waiting for such a small amount of food... 
but it's ever so addicting!
This is Rachel's weakness, we share one at least every other week..
You will need:
1 Artichoke
1 lemon
as much garlic as your heart desires (My obsession right there)
some bay leaves (I am very fortunate to have bay trees growing naturally around the yard)
 onion powder or half an onion (I failed to pick up onions so we used the powder form)

First step is to trust your friend with a knife and scissors...
Use the scissors to cut the sharp points of the leaves

Next you cut the top.

Oh! And if it has a long stem cut that off too. It will sit much better in the steamer this way.

Now that that is out of the way we can move on to the lemon and garlic.
Slice and Dice then move on!

Set up your steamer then place your artichoke in the middle. Arrange the lemon, garlic and bay leaves around it. If you had sliced onion you would also place them around as well, but we didn't so onion powder sprinkled on top worked too.

Steam for 30 to 45 minutes. (Sorry for my messy stove, I didn't even realize how bad it was until I started this post 0.0)

Mmmmm Steamy goodness!

To eat the artichoke leaves you simply pull one off (if it's done this should be very easy)
Dip the end in melted butter
and scrape the inside of the leaf across your teeth. the soft yummy part should come off easily.
then discard the rest of the leaf in a pile or bowl.

Now a very important part that we forgot to photograph (Woopsie)
is when you finish the leaves and get to the heart of the artichoke.
You will find soft, fur like, fibers. Do not eat them! Use a spoon to scrap the fuzz off of the heart.
The heart is the most loved <3 
You can dice it up and use it in dips, on pizza, anything!
Or you can be like us and devour it before you can snap a picture >_<

Here is what was left of ours. You can see some of the Fuzz on and next to the spoon.

This is the saddest part... There is no more! 

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